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Why Focus Will Change The Status Quo- Rebroadcast

New Episode Out Today!

Here is another look-back we thought was appropriate in 2021 and is of greater importance today. In other words , it is as relevant now as it was when it was first broadcast. Focus people!

We are being bombarded by bad news from many directions. They may be local, national, or international in nature. Every time you read or listen to the news there are mass shootings, ignorant people saying stupid ass things, all which have served to distract us from the important tasks we have in front of us. And what are those tasks? Any goal or objective you have set for yourself. That could be getting a better job, getting a degree, starting your own business, anything that requires you to FOCUS.

If you like our show, or have recommendations for making it better, please let us have your comments.

Thank you

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