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"Voices in Society Impacting the Culture"


                                                                                    Mission Statement

  • Add Value by providing information and insight into matters impacting people of color both personally and professionally


  • Leverage the experience gained by Walt to hopefully contribute to the betterment of people of color


  • Invites guest that will contribute to our awareness


  • Cover topics that are not readily available in mainstream media


  • Shine a light on areas other than entertainment and sports


  • Consult with those in need of guidance to further their corporate and personal aspirations and learning to be your best self



Walter Latham Sr.



Michelle Swiney-McCombs


Host of The Walt Weekly Podcast,  Walter has Worked and lived on 5 continents. Born in North Carolina but consider myself a New Yorker. 

  • Adventurer 

  • Gold Miner

  • CEO of TW Import Export Co. based in West Africa for 10 years. 

Lead Project Manager implementing software projects costing more than 9 million in Global Financial institutions, such as Deutsche Bank, Bank of New York, Amsterdam Rotterdam Bank, Swiss Bank Corp (Now Union Bank of Switzerland) Chase Manhattan Bank, etc.

§More than 30 years in financial services managing various operational areas across multiple lines of business, i.e. Foreign Exchange, Funds Transfer, etc. with some of those largest global financial institutions in the world Certified Project manager for more than 20 years. 

  • MBA 

  • Project Management Professional (PMP)

  • Vice President

  • Money Movement Expert

  • Thought leader

  • Product Manager

  • Scuba Diver

  • Golfer

  • Car Lover

IG: @thewaltweekly

FB: @thewaltweekly

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Michelle is a New York native and co-host at The Walt Weekly podcast giving her perspective on eveyday topics. Michelle also owns a personalized 'Mobile Luxury Beauty Service', an on Location Beauty Artistry  

Michelle is owner of Michelle Swiney Hair, Educator and Brand Ambassador at Olivia Garden. Educating artist on product knowledge and platform work throughout the country. Her creativity is solely credited to her passion and enthusiasm for hair, and working with others in the industry.

Michelle wears many hats, her latest venture is co-hosting The Walt Weekly.

           Click on link below for complete bio

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