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Walt's Corner

We discussed the recent change to DCs’ comic Superman. His son is now a Bisexual. I did not see a lot of blowback on this ,however I did see kudos. So, is there a discussion needed or is this just another issue we should just chalk up to being in a new century?

My concern happens to lie with the availability of this content to our kids.

Do you remember going to the comic or magazine store to pick up the latest edition of Batman, Superman, The Hulk, etc. Now you have art ,on the new version, of the character of Superman's son kissing another guy. My question is, should there be a separate section for this kind of material? Kids are vulnerable in the 7-13 age group.

I have nothing against the LGBTQI Community. I respect the struggle and the gains that they have made. I just wanted to point out my fear when it comes to kids.

Your comments are welcome.

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