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Walt’s Corner

What in the heck is going on with the outwardly attempt to suppress the vote of people of color. The Republicans ,or should we refer to them as Trumplicans , are passing state laws targeted at absentee ballots, providing subjectivity in the vote tally, and giving states authority to overturn some outcomes. You have Texas, Georgia, Florida, among other Southern states that are taking this action under the guise of making it better and avoiding fraud. Fraud? Fraud? Why can’t you give us proof? Because they don’t have anything substantial. This is a way to keep Trump happy and further perpetuate the ” Big Lie” that Trump won the election and the delegitimization of the Biden-Harris administration. If you are desperate enough to take away people’s right to vote, do you think that we should just accept it. We are fortunate that we do have recourse. The courts!

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