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What Does Evil Look Like?

I am so tired of the mis-characterization of the killers responsible for these mass killings as mentally ill. We got Sandy Hook, Charleston, Buffalo, Uvalde, etc. just to name a few. What do these killers have in common? They were young white people shooting innocent and defenseless men, women, and children.

Yet the first thing that comes out of the mouths of the right-wing and, believe it or not., the mainstream media, is not terrorist, not murders, but mental retardation. They had a bad childhood, they were loners, they stayed with their mothers. How about this one: They were picked on in school.

Yet they somehow were able to go out and buy heavy weapons and massacre innocent people. These young men followed on-line forums and some had their own social media sites. They got likes and were followed. These are not the actions of someone mentally ill.

Could you answer a question? What does it take for a person to aim a high powered assault weapon at a 6-year old and pull the trigger? Causing the body of this child to explode. Then do it again and again. No, this is not mental illness. THIS IS EVIL! Call it for what it is, Evil in its most purest form.

Lets not forget about the Black guy that set a bomb off in the subway? They did not rush to call him mentally ill. Terrorist was the first thing to be mentioned. They are charging him with Civil Rights violations among other charges. Anyone looking at this man can tell he was off and suffered some form of mental illness.

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