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Walt's Corner

It has been an exciting month here at The Walt Weekly Podcast. We've had on the Friday Night Live, the first African-American Bronx Borough President, Vanessa L. Gibson, Kevin L. Wardally• a high-ranking member of the Freemasons, Dena S. Ramsey, North Carolina's Business Woman extraordinaire, Hawa Allan, Author/Lawyer/Poet, West Point Grad , Capt. Jevan Willis, Ret. and this Friday, March 25th at 6:00 PM Eastern, Ms. Mütter D. Evans, one of the first African-Americans to own a broadcast property in the U.S.

The above guests ,coupled with the introduction of our "Millennial Series" and our Monday Night Live, reinforces our mission to provide our listeners with the information and role models that we need. And , what is that mission? To let our young people know that we control the narrative. We will address the issues that are important to the current and future state or our community.

So, to join us live, download that Podbean App and Subscribe to The Walt Weekly Podcast. It is totally free! If you can't join the live cast, find us wherever you get your podcast!

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