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Walt's Corner

The conviction of Chauvin ,in the George Floyd murder ,was only the beginning of our struggle to right the wrongs done to us over the last 400 years. Don't be fooled my friends. Stay ready and stay vigilant. Think of Dante Wright, Breonna Taylor, Emmet Teal, Trayvon, and others where justice is still outstanding. They are all Martyrs to a cause that addresses deep rooted systemic racism throughout or society.

The Black man has traditionally received the brunt of this inhumane treatment. It now includes women. Besides immediate death, racism has caused us to have a shortened life span through early disease like, diabetes, high blood pressure, cancer, to name a few.

Did you know that a study was done that revealed that 1 out of every 1000 Blacks will die at the hands of the police.

So we can not give up the fight now assuming we have won something. We have won nothing. The George Floyd murder was arrogance. These people are still in place. They still hold positions to inflict pain on innocent people of color.

We must be relentless in the pursuit of equality throughout the system. We have the momentum. Lets' stay on point!

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