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New Job Requirement!

Job Title- Black American Leader

Duration: Fulltime

Compensation: History

Black American Leader Needed. ADOS required (Americans Descendants of Slavery)


- Must be ADOS

- Minimum 4-year degree

- US Veteran but not mandatory

- Knowledge of Local, National, and Global issues affecting the Black American community

- Understanding of Politics

- Motivational Speaker

- Able to utilize uncertainty and leverage where possible

- Ability to look forward and implement actions to achieve goals

- Strong negotiation skills

- Understanding of organizational management and have stood up organizations from the ground up using effective practices

- Able to identify and bring together an effective team

- Ability to develop needed plans, strategies, and tactics

- Able to negotiate partnerships and alliances

- Working understanding of the US Constitution and the gaps impacting ADOS

- Able to develop Disaster Recovery Plans

- Understanding of Risk Management, including mitigation

- Identify sourcing requirements

- Able to be evangelical in bringing about change

Potential candidates will be interviewed on The Walt Weekly Podcast.

To apply , please contact

Disclaimer: The above is for discussion purposes only. All respondents will appear on the TWW Podcast

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