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Let's Go Back to Africa

Over the last couple of years (pre-pandemic) , I have heard of African-Americans returning to the Continent. The underlying reason given was to escape the racism and live in a country that they can feel safe and, happy in.

The key driver: they would. be a part of the majority. Can you imagine not being called a "n**a, there are no "Karen's", no fear of being stopped pulled over by the police, or DWB . Going out where people look like you. The Ghanian Government has gone so far as to implement a program called "Year of the Return" which offers African Americans citizenship. . They have allotted land and housing and are actively trying to recruit those of us with talent and the wish to invest time and money .

So based on this perceived utopia, we should be jumping on a plane, boat, or whatever we need to get there. Thousands have taken this offer. But have they thought about what they are doing? The honest truth? They are giving up what our ancestors toiled and gave their lives for. We were promised "40 acres an a mule" which is still due. We have given our lives through wars and peaceful protest. So now we are supposed to put our tails between our legs and run?

This is not to say that we shouldn't vacation or pursue business opportunities there . We should be there in these capacities. There is a lot of money to be made. The Chinese are there. So are the other major economies. Africa is the last frontier in terms of diamonds, gold, platinum, and other sought after material. It is bountiful!

Let me end by saying that one of the most sought after documents was an American passport. Just being an American had its' privileges when overseas. We all know who destroyed that.

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