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Walt’s Corner

Black on Black shootings have gone too far.

The images of babies being caught in the crossfire, teenagers settling disagreements with guns, other innocents killed or wounded. What can we attribute this scourge to We have gangs, drug dealers, people that prey on the old and elderly. What do we do? Depend on the police to implement programs to address it? They have. We have. Yet it continues unabated.

Let’s put the responsibility squarely where it lies. We are responsible first and foremost. A child is a product of his environment. If he is brought up in an environment where life is cheap and going to school is for punks, this will become his reality. This along with systemic racism has manifested itself with kids who don’t respect life. It is not precious to them. Are we normalizing this behavior?

Have you ever asked yourself how a kid can kill someone and go to McDonalds? How a mother can grieve for her murdered child, not knowing that her child killed another child 2 weeks ago?

It is up to us to end this.

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