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What is “The Great Replacement Theory” and why should we care? Damn. Think Buffalo!

Do we realize what has been transpiring right in front of us. Really? What is the primary objective of Republicans? Control of this country at all cost. That could be civil war, genocide, or eliminating the minority vote. This is important y'all! I am not saying panic, go out and get a gun, etc. what I am saying is be ready and understand where we stand in the grand scheme of things. We don't have to initiate, just wait, it will come to you.

What did Sen. Lindsey Graham, out of South Carolina, say about the arrest of Trump for sneaking away with classified documents, " There will be riots in the streets". This a congressman stoking violence! So Trump must be the leader of the upcoming revolt. He just yesterday tweeted that he should be reinstated President! This is treasonous inself!

Lets' define this theory and speak about how the extreme right are now no longer on the fringe. They have taken over the Republican Party.

Promoted by racist, anti semitic, xenophobic and white supremacist groups and spread by some media outlets, the great replacement is a conspiracy theory about changes in the composition of America’s population. The great replacement theory centers on the belief that nonwhite, non-Christian people are being brought to America for the purpose of replacing the white Christian majority population in order to establish a new political and socio-cultural agenda.

In 2045, it is projected that whites will no longer be in the majority. Why are they so scared? Do they think that they will be treated like the Native Americans, or other indigenous people they have destroyed..

Payback i a Bitch!

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