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Walt's Corner

On last week's Friday Live show titled "The James Baldwin Effect- How Literature Can Influence Social Justice " we had award winning poets, published writers, that have their pulse on the issues impacting our Black and Brown people. They actively bring attention to our plight through their work. You have heard me mention the “Tool Kit” and what we have in it. The vote is a key tool. Bringing knowledge is a key tool. The persistent practice of shedding light through media and discussion is a key tool. Our guests add to the toolkit through the spoken and written word leveraging their books, poetry and performances.

We extend our sincere thanks to:

Judy Andrews (writer African American suspense, culture, education, foster care and history)

IG @judyc.andrews fb Judy C. Andrews

Oscar Sanders, Indi Author legacy award, poet of the year 2016, NYCHA, NAACP J.U.S.T read award, author, spoken word performer, playwright

Fb @oscar sanders

IG @oscarsanders2202

Marc Polite, editor in-chief and founder of Polite in Society.Com, award winning writer, blogger, author and poet

Fb: Marc Polite

IG @marcpolite

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