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The Millennials Series

We have been bombarded with bad news about our youth and sometimes it seems like all is lost. The information that we are getting sounds like the younger generation is bound for annihilation. With all this madness, which is fractional in our community, I have discovered that our children will be fine. They will take up the mantle that was bestowed upon us, and carry on. They will be successful , thereby continuing the legacy of our ancestors.

To that end, The Walt Weekly Podcast, will begin what we will call “The Millennials”. We will be inviting guest who, against the odds, accomplished their goals, or, pursuing it. They will not be denied! This drive will be passed on to future generations.

I can tell you firsthand, being a Baby Boomer, how hard it was to achieve my objectives. But I would not be deterred by the color of my skin. I am still chasing goals. We all should.

First on the Millennial Series:

Hawa Allan is a lawyer and writer of cultural criticism, fiction, and poetry. She is an essay editor at The Offing, and her work has appeared, among other places, in The Baffler, the Chicago Tribune, Lapham's Quarterly and Tricycle magazine, where she is a contributing editor. Her book Insurrection, an interweaving of personal narrative and legal history, was published in January 2022 by W.W. Norton.

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