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The Walt Weekly Podcast was started in the summer of 2019 as a platform to pass on life and business experience to minority millennials and generation-X. This experience was gained by Walter Latham from more than 30 years of corporate experience within the financial services space and spending almost a decade as an importer/exporter of foodstuffs and gold to the various countries in West Africa. I also had to pivot as challenges presented themselves. For example, when the Africa business ended, I worked, bought a home, raised a family, and obtained multiple credentials, i.e. BS, MBA, Bank VP/Director, Senior Project Manager, PMP, and have worked on five continents implementing technical solutions.

We also brought on a partner, Michelle Swiney-McCombs, as a cohost who is one of the top hair stylists in New York. With Michelle, we have been able to start reaching our target demographics by interviewing some of the top artist and stylist on the East Coast. Let us point out that we are apolitical but if there is a negative or positive impact on the community, we will discuss it.

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